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Photos from Mongolia

Posted by chris g on October 20, 2007

I encourage you to check out a slide show of my Inner Mongolia pictures.

I hope you like them.


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A Sunday in Baoding

Posted by chris g on September 27, 2007

In order to learn about the culture here in China, I’ve got to experience it as an everyday person, a local, as the Chinese would. Part of the reason I came here was not only to learn about the culture, but share in the experience of the culture. I’m not only a foreigner in China, but I’m a foreigner residing in China, living my life like anyone else would:working, socializing, and taking part in daily life.

As a day of rest and day to take part in Chinese cultural heritage, Sunday is very important to members of Chinese society. Parks are filled with people seeking leisure activities, shopping centers are abuzz with consumers and the streets are alive with sights and sounds. It seems like there are even more people in China on the weekends than during the week, and Sunday is the day that nearly everybody goes out.

Like a regular citizen, I took the opportunity to spend this day off seeking cultural activities. I hopped on my bike and aimed for no particular destination to see what I could see and experience what this particular Sunday had to offer. I brought my camera and digital audio recorder along so I could share some of my experiences.

Sunday in the park
During one of my Sunday experiences, I visited Fu Dong park, which is located a half mile southwest of campus on the other side of a dry riverbed. When I arrived, a group of musicians was performing underneath a small pavilion, and their songs beckoned me to park my big and park my butt nearby. I joined a group of about 15 or 20 elderly onlookers who were gathered around to listen and watch this distinguished group of performers. Two sharply dressed ladies took turns singing while the band played traditional Chinese instruments in renditions of traditional Chinese songs. Listen here—–> Isn’t it breathtaking?

sunday in the park 1

sunday in the park 2

sunday in the park 3

sunday in the park 4

sunday in the park 5

sunday in the park 6

Later, I traveled to one of the main streets in Baoding to do a little shopping and gawk at all the people and traffic.

busy street boading

The crowd was making me anxious and I wanted to find a quiet spot for a bit of tranquility. I found a small hutong not far from the busy intersection.

baoding hutong

A couple of guys were playing a traditional Chinese board-game outside a shop that sold Mooncakes, so I snapped a picture of that too.

traditional board-game

And finally, I decided to check out the Buddhist temple here in Baoding. Check out the lady with the funny visor!

buddhist temple

What a full afternoon of experiences!
I can’t wait until next Sunday.

Also, my latest article in the Advocate Weekly appeared today. You can read it here.

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More Beijing Photos.

Posted by chris g on September 26, 2007

I just got some more photos back from the lab and on the rolls were some from Beijing. So here they are. I will post a separate post for other photos.

Me and Mao
Mao and me (Tiananmen Square), do you think we look alike?

Tiananmen Square looking east.Looking south.
Tiananmen Square, looking east and south.

Forbidden City 1
South (main) entrance to the Forbidden City.

Gate of Heavenly Peace
The Gate of Heavenly Peace.

Forbidden City 2
Red represents wealth and honor.
Blue represents the heavens, the home of the gods.
Green is considered lucky because it is the color of jade as well as of water.
Yellow or Gold is the most important color.
“Observations of imperial palaces indicate that yellow is also a color of significance in China. The color yellow ties in with the concept of the five elements. Yellow is the color of earth, most important of the five elements of wood, fire, earth, metal and water because it represents the center. Yellow also signifies the emperor’s power over the earth, dignity and ritual. It was stipulated in the Ming and Qing dynasties that yellow glazed-tiles, an architectural feature that first appeared in Song Dynasty (960 – 1279) imperial palaces, were the exclusive reserve of emperors. The Tang (618 – 907) emperors maintained the preceding Sui (581 – 618) Dynasty practice of dressing in robes made from a special “imperial” tint of yellow silk. Yellow was thus an almost sacred shade that symbolized imperial power. Any other person – from official to commoner — that dared to wear yellow or decorate their home in it risked execution.” — from China Daily

Forbidden City 3
The first courtyard.

Forbidden City 4
The second courtyard (can hold 100,000 people or the entire Imperial Court).

Forbidden City Rooms Forbidden City tourists.

Forbidden City rooms (of which there are 9,999) and walkways with throngs of tourists.

A pagoda.
Another building and ancient tree.

Jingshan Xijie
Jingshan Xijie (a street due north of the Forbidden City).

The destruction of the hutongs.

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Fun with Alex’s digital camera

Posted by chris g on September 24, 2007

Alex let me borrow her digital SLR tonight so I could take a few photos from around the neighborhood. They’re not the best shots, but they sure were fun to take. I’ve got to get a digital camera one of these days.

Thanks Alex!

Fruit stand and internet café.

Fruit stand and internet café.

Meat on a stick for sale!

Meat on a stick.

Street and cars in Baoding

Street and cars.

Same street, different exposure.

Blurry street.

The health clinic I visited last week.

Health clinic.

Large food court, newly renovated.

Large food court.

The University’s main office building.

University's main building.

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Beijing Photos

Posted by chris g on September 9, 2007

Here are just a few photos from our trip to Beijing. Unfortunately, I had camera issues so I am unable to post pictures from the Forbidden City, Tiananmen Square and the hutongs. I hope you can forgive me.

Natty, Sarah, Katie, Alex and myself at the top of the ancient astrological observatory.

Driving to and from wherever this road takes them.

Cars and bikers are separated by the white fence, but chaos ensues at the intersection ahead.

Beijing = cars, construction, capitalism.

Daily exercise and a chance to show off his skills are all this man needs to make him happy.

One of Beijing's busy subway stations.

'The next station is: Chongwenmen Station.'

The watchtower marked the south-eastern corner of Beijing during the Ming Dynasty.

Beijing West Train Station, this immense building welcomes train passengers into the capital city.

Thousands of people crowd the surroundings of the Beijing West Train Station.

People rush through the terminal vying for their place in line and hoping they did not miss their train.

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The China 5 at Baoding’s Lotus Gardens

Posted by chris g on August 23, 2007

The group at the lotus garden.
We took a short afternoon trip to one of China’s most beautiful ancient gardens. The Lotus Pond Gardens in Baoding is beautiful. And we all enjoyed it!

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